Master / Semester Project

Semester projects are open to all students. However a strong interest in mathematics is required.

All projects (semester or master) relate to numerical analysis of partial differential equations and can be theoretical and/or pratical. They usually come from concrete and simplified problems encounter by the group researchers. They are intended to familiarize the student with modern numerical techniques for the resolution of partial differential equations (finite differences, finite elements, parallel computation, etc).

Mathematical modelling of a physical problem, mathematical study of equations (existence, uniqueness), choice of a numerical method, study of the algorithm convergence and the implementation of it can be part of the project, according to the available time.

Examples of topics and applications that directly concern the chair are described in the Research section of the website.

At the end of a master project, a phD thesis in the group can always be considered, based on the available projects and the motivation of the student.

Students interested in a project within the group may contact professor Marco Picasso.