The Group Picasso (former ASN Chair) is specialized in numerical analysis and scientific computing. Our goals are to work in collaboration with various engineering laboratories and industry in order to improve existing algorithms, to create and analyze, from the mathematical point of view, new numerical schemes in order to solve practical problems.

The chair developps for many years some simulation software, especially :

  • cfsFlow [complex free surface Flow] : this tool allows the simulation of many free surface flow problems (Newtonian fluids, viscoelastic fluids, bubble formation, glaciers, etc.). This software is made in order to minimize the numerical diffusion by solving convection dominant problem on a fine structured grid and diffusion dominant problem on an unstructured finite element mesh. For application examples, see the page Free surface flows.
  • Alucell [Aluminum cell simulation] : Software developped in collaboration with RioTinto-Alcan and dedicated to the simulation of the aluminum electrolysis process. See the page Aluminum production.

Ongoing scientific collaborations

  • Laboratoire de recherche et fabrication (LRF), Rio Tinto Alcan: Aluminum electrolysis process simulations. This project is in collaboration with Jacques Rappaz.
  • Free surface flows: sedimentation (with Sébastien Boyaval, Ecole des Ponts Paris), laser surface treatments (CTI project with Unitechnologies and EMPA).
  • Adaptive finite elements

Former scientific collaborations